Artistic Samples

Tollegno 1900's Artistic Samples

Illustrated Sample | 1880-1939

The Illustrated Samples is an innovative idea to show the historical fabrics of Tollegno 1900 reproduced on clothes of the time and compared with contemporary fabrics. A skilled illustrator from Turin, Gabriele Bollassa, who created the volume and designed the models.


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Illustrated Sample | 1940-1989

Illustrated Sample Nr.2 ends the small series of this innovative publication dealing with the period 1940-1980.
The cover shows the work of a young artist, Lucia Biagi who creates artistic knitted items: it shows Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter, symbol of the modernity of the period; being knitted it links this symbol with the woolen company from Biella.
Inside there are other artistic images, including the years that are painted as mechanisms of textile machines with illustrated models who are dressed in Tollegno 1900 fabrics of the time.
The last two pages, as always, compare two fabrics from 1953 with two from 2020.


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